The Legacy

Migsun group is one of the fastest growing real estate conglomerate in northern India with a vast portfolio consisting of an array of development segments like residential, commercial & retail. With over 2 crore sq.ft. Developed and under construction area, Migsun group believes in building magnificent, sustainable and future-ready developments & communities with a global outlook. Backed by the trust of more than 12,000 happy customers, Migsun group has an unparalleled scale of delivery and an unmatched track record of customer centric service excellence. Migsun has changed the contours of Indian real estate space. Over the years, the group has also marked it’s presence in education, hospitality, film production and skill India. Presence in diverse verticals reflect migsun’s commitment to create an environment that is adaptable to nation’s evolving needs.

A Real Estate Behemoth with Impeccable Standards

The Philosophy

The company has set the utmost importance on the practical principles and values without compromising on the inherited values. It is inspired by the 3 T’s - Teamwork, Transparency, and Tenacity.
Teamwork- Migsun believes that one person never achieves remarkable things in a business, but the success is built by the team of people having a joint mission. At Migsun, working together is practised like a big family and not as an individual.
Transparency- All the projects are based on transparency. Migsun treats customers with the utmost respect for the trust that they have shown in Migsun. With the growing confidence placed, Migsun has held transparency as the guiding principle.
Tenacity- Migsun believes in Customer satisfaction, which is the main motto. Thriving on giving quick responses to the needs and demands of our customers, 3 T’s are the foundation pillars of Migsun's structure, where we productively cater to business and create a holistic growth environment for one and all associated with Migsun.


CMD Speak

The road to success is never easy. You’ve got to often pick yourself with the struggles that bog you down until you reach the finish line. This finish line is broken into bits and pieces, scattered all across your life. Moving to the finish line, therefore, is a never-ending race. Your journey is your goal, what you do to achieve it and how you earn it, matters more than anything. The finish line after that will fall into place. As Chairman and CMD of Migsun, I believe in my efforts and the hard work of my employees in their endeavour to provide affordable properties to our customers. Today, I can stand and say that I am very proud of my team and the way they have worked tirelessly to reach the goals we have set for Migsun. It has been a journey to remember, and we are looking forward to many more to come. I believe in Migsun, & let us come together to commemorate our beliefs.

Best Wishes
Sunil Miglani CMD - Migsun

Envisioning Modern India with Traditional Ethos

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