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Sophisticated and posh, Vilaasa Walk is Migsun Group’s crowning glory. Offering a perfect blend of retail and corporate office spaces, this new-age wonder is for those who have arrived in life. Make Vilaasa Walk the coveted address for your business thanks to its spectacular location, state-of-the-art architecture, fabulous ROI, and multifarious floor plans. At the zenith of success, Vilaasa Walk is the pivot around which modern-day business revolves.


  • Concrete driveway
  • Recreation zone
  • Easy connectivity
  • Strategic location

price list

BSP Additional Charges Possession Charges
UGF ₹ 13500/sq.ft EDC - ₹ 150/sq.ft Lease Rent - ₹ 200/sq.ft
LGF ₹ 13500/sq.ft LGF ₹ 13500/sq.ft Power Backup - ₹ 40,000/Kva
Electric Meter - ₹ 15,000/Kw

Payment Plan

Construction Linked Payment Plan
Booking Amount 10%
Within 60 Days 10%
On Excavation 10%
On PCC 10%
On Lower Ground Floor 20%
On Upper Ground Floor 20%
On Possession 20% + Possession Charges

Special Payment Plan

Special Payment Plan
Booking Amount 10%
Within 90 Days 30%
On Super Structure or 24 months; whichever is later 40%
On Possession 20% + Possession Charges

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